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Your privacy and security are our highest priority. Zento Industries will not release personal information to third parties except where it is already provided by law for purposes of notification. We will not provide, rent or sell personal information to third parties for marketing programs or any other purpose.

Internet Cookies.
Cookies are short and simple text files stored on your computer by Internet web sites to help identify users and enhance customer service. Zento Industries sites may use cookies to customize and personalize your service transactions with Zento Industries and partners. For example, our web shopping sites may use cookies to keep track of customers and the contents of their shopping cart. In the event the Internet connection is broken or you wish to suspend shopping and resume at a later time, the cookie on your computer will maintain your computer's identity shopping cart information. Cookies do not compromise your privacy or security. Using web browser settings, you can refuse the cookies or delete the cookie file from your computer by using any of the widely available methods.. Email Correspondence.

Email Correspondence.
If you send an E-mail message or complete a web form, which contains personal information, we collect and store the following information:
• Any personally identifying information, which you choose to provide (for example your mailing address), in an electronic mail message or web form requesting information or If you send any information in a Live Help session, which contains personal information, we collect and store the following information: commenting on policies, issues, or events. Information collected in this manner is used solely for information and, in some cases, to respond to you.
• Please do not put confidential and personal information such as social security number, date of birth, bank account and credit card information, mother's maiden name or medical information in your e-mail communications to Zento Industries. Your privacy cannot be protected or insured by Zento Industries during email or web form transmission.

Any questions or comments concerning our Privacy Policy please E-mail:

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